30 Apr

Earn to Die 3 – Whatever It Takes………. I will Find It

Earn to Die 3 starts by showing a short earn to die 2 movie trailer, where a message is sent to all the survivors to reach the evacuation point (a military base) to be carried to the safe place. The player reads the message and pinpoints the evacuation point in his map. The game starts and the player finds himself in riding a red firefighting truck.

By using the up arrow key on the keyboard the players accelerate the truck and reaches a few miles down killing the zombies on the way and smashing the boxes before the fuel runs out. At the end of this first stage, the player gathers enough money to buy extra fuel in order to reach closer to the destination point. By leaps and bounds, the player gathers enough money to upgrade his/her vehicle, buy more powerful ammunition and change the tires and other body parts of the truck.

Earn to Die 3 is different than the earlier two versions of the game in the sense that it requires more driving skills, more powerful guns, and more powerful vehicles to reach the evacuation point. The players face greater and harder obstructions, more powerful Zombies and more challenges in Earn to Die 3.

29 Apr

The Unpredictable Unfair Mario Online Game

If you love Mario video game, then you should also play Unfair Mario. As compared to Mario game, this game has no monsters or plumbers. This game is not as easy as you think. This game is created to keep you awake and up on your feet. The objective of the game is to reach the last flag unfair mario while avoiding the booby traps that are there to kill you. The traps are hidden everywhere and as you play the game you are not sure what to expect.
Hidden spikes, falling stones and other obstacles, Unfair Mario is one difficult game that is hard to predict. The sound track of the Unfair Mario has been engineered well to suit the mood of the game. Another positive aspect of Unfair Mario is that your lives are not limited and you can actually mark the parts where you died so you can avoid it in the future.

24 Jan


What are the REAL reasons behind the US invasion of Iraq?   “WHY WAR?” is a provocative film which throws a revealing new light on George Bush’s “war on terrorism”. watch french open live The film is narrated by Prunella Scales and includes material from Iraq never previously shown in this country, unique footage of the anti-war protests and exclusive interviews with Noam Chomsky, Bianca Jagger, Greg Pallast, George Monbiot, Lindsey German, Tony Benn, George Galloway, Michaeal Meacher. watch wimbledon online Produced by Platform Films in association with the Independent Media Society.