Yandere Simulator – Controls Using Your Gamepad

To play the game using the gamepad, the control is as easy as using the keyboard. To move the character around, use the left stick. Right stick is used to move the camera. To download yandere simulator make the character run, just hold the LB. To make the character laugh, simply tap RB. And if you tap it several times, the character will laugh louder.

To activate Yandere’s Vision, hold the RB down. If you hold the LT down, you will be able to take out your smartphone. To take a panty shots or any shot you want use RT. To create a trail directly to the class, click the left stick. To make the character crouch, click the right stick, and to make it crawl hold it down.

If you want to take some rest, press start. To browse the menu forward, use the A button and the B button to move it back. While having a conversation with the other student you can highlight the dialogue option by using the left stick. And to select that option use the A button. In choosing your weapon, use the D pad. If you want to drop everything that you have in your hands, down on the D-pad.

Requirements to play the Bus Simulator Game on Your personal Computer

In order to play the game successfully on your personal computer, it is recommended that the people should possess the following things:

* Any version of the Windows either it is windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10. It is recommended that the windows should bus simulator 2016 be 64 bit.
* The processor of the personal computer should Core i3. It is the minimum requirement, if you have an improved processor then it will be great.
* The RAM of your personal computer should be 4 GB or more.
* Your personal computer must support the graphical card. The Graphics play a vital role in the game operations and its activities.
* The game also require data in the hard drive so it is recommended that your personal computer should have at least 4.5 GB free in your hard drive.

About Ducklife 3

You have a tiny Duckling at hand which requires to be transformed to a multi-talented athlete, capable of running, swimming, climbing and flying well enough to beat the other ducklings at the race. This game is about coaching the little duckling gradually into a masterful competitor who knows how to win the races and this is done duck life 5 through the 4 minigames. These minigames are nothing but rigorous training sessions. After your duckling is well-trained and has increased endurance, he is ready to take on the fiercest competitors, where he takes part in races which test his skills in increasingly competitive conditions.

Your part in the game ends with the minigames or the traning sessions. You cannot do anything but to sit and watch while your duckling competes. This game is all about how well you train your little duckling. Steadfastness, excellent strategy, top class preparation and full-proof preparation are key to unlocking your duckling’s potential.

Troll face quest 3

Like that of troll face quest 3 the previous version troll face quest 3 is an extension of the previous versions like troll face quest one and troll face quest 2.

The graphic quality of troll face quest 3 is more than the previous versions of troll face quest game. Like that of previous versions this version of troll face quest game is also about the strategy of point and then click.

The main difference in the troll face quest 3 is in its setting. According to this face to troll face quest game the player is able to leave the pause the game if there is any kind of situation that is leading to leave your computer for a while.

Further more in this version of troll face quest game the toggling of the music while playing is the same like that of previous versions.

But there is an extra feature of toggling the quality of the graphics what a player wants. He can set the graphics with the quality of low medium or high as he wants.
Lastly the 3rd version of the troll face quest game has a feature to play even with bad internet connections.


Vex 4 – Collect As Many Stars As Possible

If vex 3 I have to name one platform game that I would love to play over and over again, I would definitely say Vex 4. I like playing challenging games and this is by far the most challenging game that I have played in my life. Do not get tricked by the simple looks of this game, it is more challenging than what it looks.

Although all the previous versions of the game are equally challenging and additive, Vex 4 is different. It comes with 25 new acts/levels, and every level will check your running, jumping, flying, climbing skills to the best. You goal is to quickly finish each level without getting killed by those traps and obstacles. There are different types of starts scattered all over the place in each level, if you can get hold of these stars on your way, you can gain strength by purchasing different in-game items.

Learn To Fly 3 – Discover Your Flying Abilities

Once again learn to fly 2 the little cutie penguin is back in action trying to prove he can learn to fly in this Lightbringer action-packed game loaded with a lot of upgrades and much more. Again, you will be able to find three different game modes in this Learn to Fly sequel, the story mode, the classic mode and the arcade mode. In the story mode, you have to clear the stages by destroying various obstacles, like destroying the snowman, or make your way through the iceberg. The arcade mode on the other hands offers the player a set amount of budget to create the best flying machine and achieve the highest score. Finally, the Classical game mode is the standard game mode with just one goal, fly as far as you can.

Again in the Learn to Fly sequel 3, several factors determine the success of the penguin, the first one is the length and height of the ramp, which directly affects the speed and the distance covered. Sleds can help improve the starting speed of the penguin, gliders can enhance the air time and airspeed, thrust can give the penguin the much-needed boost in the air and finally the payload can provide enough power and punch to destroy the objects.

Gunblood 2 – An Overview

Cowboys are famous for their one-on-one gun fights; they play gunblood game have mastered this technique for years now. If you are not a real cowboy, Gunblood game is not for you. This online flash game is developed with only one aim, to polish your gun shooting skills. If you want to become a real cowboy, you must start playing this game. It will test not only your shooting skills, but it will also check your reflexes.

If you have weak reflexes, you may end up losing this game big time. Your life will depend on how accurately and how quickly you shoot at your opponent. One second delay can cost you your life.

There are a total of nine levels that you have to clear in order to head the crown of the best gunfighter in town. If you perform well in the four bonus levels you can increase your chances of making more points and becoming the top scorer of the game. At the start screen you will also be able to see a cheat box, if you are able to find some cheats for the game, you can enter those cheat codes here and simply the game.

Earn to Die 3 – Whatever It Takes………. I will Find It

Earn to Die 3 starts by showing a short earn to die 2 movie trailer, where a message is sent to all the survivors to reach the evacuation point (a military base) to be carried to the safe place. The player reads the message and pinpoints the evacuation point in his map. The game starts and the player finds himself in riding a red firefighting truck.

By using the up arrow key on the keyboard the players accelerate the truck and reaches a few miles down killing the zombies on the way and smashing the boxes before the fuel runs out. At the end of this first stage, the player gathers enough money to buy extra fuel in order to reach closer to the destination point. By leaps and bounds, the player gathers enough money to upgrade his/her vehicle, buy more powerful ammunition and change the tires and other body parts of the truck.

Earn to Die 3 is different than the earlier two versions of the game in the sense that it requires more driving skills, more powerful guns, and more powerful vehicles to reach the evacuation point. The players face greater and harder obstructions, more powerful Zombies and more challenges in Earn to Die 3.


The Unpredictable Unfair Mario Online Game

If you love Mario video game, then you should also play Unfair Mario. As compared to Mario game, this game has no monsters or plumbers. This game is not as easy as you think. This game is created to keep you awake and up on your feet. The objective of the game is to reach the last flag unfair mario while avoiding the booby traps that are there to kill you. The traps are hidden everywhere and as you play the game you are not sure what to expect.
Hidden spikes, falling stones and other obstacles, Unfair Mario is one difficult game that is hard to predict. The sound track of the Unfair Mario has been engineered well to suit the mood of the game. Another positive aspect of Unfair Mario is that your lives are not limited and you can actually mark the parts where you died so you can avoid it in the future.